• "We first bought our 102 year old home in Historic Evansville 7 years ago. We have since learned a lot about remodeling/restoring of an older home. Michael Martin has always been very helpful with ideas and work that not only ensure a beautiful and comfortable home but also one that maintains its historical integrity. Michael and his team have always been prompt and attentive to our needs. This has included everything from interior work to emergency repairs to our slate roof and brick walls. Michael and his staff worked with us to design our beautiful matching fences around our yard and later our new generator. Our four year old driveway and front walk look old as well attractive due to their help with design and planning. We will continue to use AR for our homes in the future."

    Elmer & Judy Buchta Evansville, IN

  • Congratulations on another successful project. Thank you for you continue to do to help bring our downtown to all it can be!

    Carol & Lloyd Evansville, IN

  • "I have known Michael Martin for ten years, as we were back door neighbors. I have watched closely, as Michael has grown his business into a one of a kind enterprise. He cares deeply for old buildings and the value they hold to the community. He has taken projects that no one wanted and turned them into wonderful assets, downtown and in neighborhoods. Whatever project Michael contracts to do, whether it be old or new construction, he will be passionate about doing his best work."

    Charleen Williamson Evansville, IN

  • Your renovation of the Owen Block Building was without question THE Evansville preservation story of 2016--if not of this decade! Many of us in the preservation community had given up on this building.

    Dennis Au Evansville, IN

  • This [Owen Block] is so beautiful and it's been fun to watch the progress. Thank you for bringing back this exquisite property and so many others in downtown Evansville.

    Sr. Jane Michele Evansville, IN