Building restoration describes the process of the renewal and refurbishment of the fabric of a building. The phrase covers a wide span of activities, from the cleaning of the interior or exterior of a building to the rebuilding of damaged or derelict buildings. Architectural Renovators has participated in restoration of churches, libraries, landmark buildings, homes and commercial buildings. The scope of restoration depends upon the need, and other circumstances, such as the status of the building, and the affordability of the work required. There are three main types of restoration:
  • Building cleaning - most especially cleaning the external facade of a building, and typically needed in cities that have suffered from smoke pollution. Many granite, sandstone, and limestone buildings can have for most of their existence been black in color owing to smoke and smog. Any building that has suffered from fire and/or water damage needs to be restored as well. Fire and water restoration specialists can help speed repairs, whether for individual homeowners or for the largest of institutions. We do not do the clean up of this type of work only the actual rebuilding of the project.
  • Major repair - especially to stonework affected by acid rain and other pollutants, and which has weathered or decayed to a structurally unsound or aesthetically displeasing condition.
  • Rebuilding to replace severely damaged or missing parts of a building. If your home or building is in the historic district there are always published guidelines for rebuilding and must be approved by a historical committee. It is always a balancing act to rebuild and consider energy efficiency, functionality, and preservation.
Not all building restoration seeks to follow the original design of the building. It is reasonably commonplace for the shell of a building - its external walls - to be retained whilst an entirely new building is constructed within. This approach is also referred to as adaptive reuse. It is always wise to ask for references of any contractor to make sure they have experience in restoration. Older homes and buildings have their unique problems and how those are addressed will determine the outcome of your project. Architectural Renovators has specialized in historic restoration and revitalization for over 15 years.
Architectural Renovators will bring full remodeling services to your project. Whether its room additions, kitchen or bath remodeling, office build-out or exterior remodeling AR’s outstanding builder’s reputation ensures your remodeling result will be as aesthetically beautiful as it is functional, safe, and affordable. Our experts and professional designers are here to match the look and feel of your place, finishing with a unique, fashionable and updated style. With more than 15 years of experience in the building and remodeling industry, we know improvements will add to the value of your residence or commercial space and also creates safe, comfortable places to enjoy. Each project is based on your specific needs and as a professional remodeling company we handle the complex tasks associated with any remodel project. If you're looking for solutions to un-complicate your next project, you'll find it here. We can build from your architect’s plans or adapt any of the many designs we’ve perfected over the years. So, no matter the scope of your project Architectural Renovators professionals are there to execute your plan as designed, in a timely and cost effective manner. Residential or Commercial Remodeling, large or small projects, licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.
Besides providing a home with more living space, home additions can be a terrific investment. However, before embarking on building a home addition, or other large home remodeling projects, there are a number of important items that should be considered first. These items include: neighboring home market values, home addition costs, architectural plans, financing, timetable for completion, and your personal disruption threshold and sweat equity commitment level. (Look for future articles on each of these points) Room additions are not unlike building an entirely new home, particularly if the room addition includes a kitchen and/or bathroom. Most, if not all, of the standard trades that are required in building a new home are also necessary for building a room addition. Do-it-Yourself homeowners will need to generate a set of buildable room addition plans, pull building permits, and hire either a general contractor or subcontractors for every specific phase of the project. Or you can hire Architectural Renovators and we do all of the footwork for you. It is also important to note that a room addition project can be disruptive to the occupants of the home. With a little upfront planning this disruption can be somewhat mitigated but do not expect a hassle free effort when undertaking the building of a room addition. It is a big home construction project. Room Additions and Financing Unless you are planning to pay cash for your room addition, then you will need to seek a bank loan. It is important to find out in advance of breaking ground what your budget is for your room addition. Your budget will help determine the size of your room addition and the types of building materials you will use. In addition, it may help you decide on how much sweat equity you will personally put into the project.
Painting your home or business is one of the best ways to add value to your property. This is true even if you are putting on the same color as before. Keep in mind, using paint of a good quality can make a surface more abrasion-resistant, easier to clean and capable of washing without the risk of removing the paint. As an added bonus our design staff can assist in choosing the perfect paint color for your project. When it comes to painting, about 90 percent of a good paint job is in the preparation. This, however, doesn’t mean that the other 10% should be ignored. Preparation gets the surface ready for paint, but if the paint isn’t of good quality then it will soon fall apart from cracking, peeling and chipping. The quality of the paint, therefore, is vital to a good, long lasting paint job. Architectural Renovators professional painters are responsible for all preparation prior to painting. This includes scraping, sanding, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal, filling nail holes or any defects with plaster or putty, cleaning, taping, preparation priming and of course finally painting. Our work includes residential and commercial buildings, one room or every room we have the experience to complete your work in a professional and timely manner causing as little disruption as possible.
Specialty Trim & Mill Work
Architectural Renovators specializes in hand-crafted custom millwork. We offer beautifully finished custom made solid wood products that have an enduring look and feel unmatched by cheaper hollow core or wood veneer products typically found at your local home improvement stores. Be sure to make a good impression with custom built solid wooden products you can be proud of. Interior millwork is the finishing touch that illustrates a builder's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Trim also has the greatest influence over how visitors perceive the interior of your home or office. That's why, for over 15 years, architects, interior designers and discerning home owners and business owners have trusted Architectural Renovators to create their interior finish. AR has an unmatched reputation for quality and service. Whether a piece is from our custom shop or our extensive in-stock collection, it's milled to the strictest quality standards. Our craftsmen are interior finish specialists who provide accurate take-offs and innovative solutions that allow you to create maximum impact while keeping within your budget. We take pride in our work, and you will too. We offer custom patterns for residential and commercial molding and paneling projects.
  • Complete millwork packages for large-scale commercial projects.
  • Custom radius millwork for handrails, circular window casings, archways, curved walls, etc.
  • Custom profile design for your unique projects.
  • Custom molding up to 11-1/4" wide
Custom commercial reception desk, office build-out, kitchen and bath cabinets.
Custom Sheet Metal Work
Architectural Renovators specializes in all type of metal fabrication, specifically custom sheet metal work. Look to us for craftsmanship, experience, teamwork, and superior service. For more than 15 years the AR team has been a resource for designers, architects, industrial contractors and many more. Often underestimated, we understand the importance of how to achieve the conflicting requirements of low cost, high quality and first class service. We are flexible; we fabricate large and small quantities for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Architectural Renovators custom sheet metal work can handle nearly any cutting, folding, shearing, welding, drilling, punching, notching, lasering, sawing or finishing job you can throw at us. Our custom sheet metal work can handle all types of original designs. With our technology, we can cut virtually any material and still maintain a clean, accurate and smooth edge. No matter the material or how complicated the design, we can fabricate your job with ease and perfection. Architectural Renovators dedication is to create quality products at affordable prices with unbeatable service.
Unique Roofing Material
A new roof offers the benefits of providing sturdy protection for your house preventing damage to the structural systems inside the home from leaks as well as a new roof can provide improved insulation and a change in the appearance of your home. Below are the materials that we use in roofing remodels and their characteristics that will make your home unique. Wood Shingles are usually made from western red cedar and are popular because they are easy to manufacture, light weight and have a very distinctive appearance. Asphalt Shingles are one of the most commonly used roofing materials around today. It has a lifespan of 15-25 years. Asphalt shingles have a fiberglass body that is coated with asphalt and mineral granules for added protection. When the edges of the asphalt begin to crack and warp, it indicates that age has caught up with the material, which is beginning to dry and may no longer be a good weather proofing material. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and can be used with a variety of flashing and edging products without any special accessories for roof edges, wall cuttings, and chimneys. Tiles can be either ceramic, clay, or concrete. Ceramic tiles are favored in warmer climates. Tiles lend style to the roof but are difficult to install because of their weight. The roofs need to be reinforced before tiles can be laid out. Corrugated Metal (standing seam) is very durable and will last upwards of 50 years with periodic maintenance, they need to be painted and protected from moisture. Metal roofs are available in sheets at home improvement stores in a wide range of colors and can be crafted to give the appearance of traditional tiles. They are sturdy and durable. Slate is another durable roofing material that is almost non-absorbent. Slate has been used for centuries. It is a naturally occurring product that is resistant to wind, sun, rain, and other forces of nature. Its gentle colors and unique textures coupled with its durability offer a great mix of utility and beauty. However, slate roofs are difficult to install and the material is expensive. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofing, is an excellent material for low slope roofing applications. EPDM roofing is a synthetic rubber that acts as a roofing membrane special for flat roofs. Due to inflexibility, weathering and failing joints, sooner or later conventional flat roofing methods will leak. If you have been struggling with a flat roof leak, or you have a flat or gently sloping roof project, you'll be excited to discover EPDM rubber roofing. With billions of square feet installed, EPDM has been proven to give many years of leak free service.
Ornamental Iron Work
Evansville Ornamental Ironworks a sister company of Architectural Renovators takes pride in our heritage and our commitment to produce quality products for future generations to enjoy. Each Evansville ornamental Ironworks creation is handcrafted. Our products have graced residential homes and commercial buildings with our time honored historic designs. Supported by our experience and in-house design systems, our staff can capably tackle any project to fit new applications or re-create and adapt styles for any historic period. Our service includes beams and supports, stairwells, handrails, platforms, grating, ladders, pipe supports, trusses and more. We also repair and restore ironwork. Please view our project page for samples of our work.
Architectural Renovators is a multi-disciplined construction firm offering consulting geared for interaction between the owner, architect, engineering, environmentalist, Government agencies, preservationist, general contractor and subcontractors. Consulting from schematic design through final working drawings is a key element in the pre-construction management phase. AR fully believes that its clients must receive timely & accurate estimates, value engineering, & scheduling inputs during the design phase to insure that the final design, timing & cost of the work are totally consistent with the project objectives. AR possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the engineering and performance aspects of all phases of the construction process, we are positioned to contribute cost effective services throughout your project’s life cycle. CONSULTING SERVICES:
  • Assist in site selection & feasibility evaluation.
  • Establish the project design development team.
  • Provide preliminary cost estimates & construction schedules.
  • Coordinate consultants and Architect / Engineer services.
  • Provide cost & quality control guidelines.
  • Evaluate bonding & insurance requirements.
  • Prepare bidding documents with the Architect & Engineer.
  • Coordinate selection and qualification of bidders.
  • Prepare scope of work and invitation to bidders.
  • Hold pre-bid conferences & establish bidding requirements.
  • Address pre-bid questions and clarification of bidding documents.
  • Provide final cost analysis & evaluation of bids.
  • Perform final contract negotiation with prospective contractors.
  • Provide value engineering analysis of alternate design systems.
  • Construct anticipated monthly cash flow projections.
  • Assist in the preparation and execution of construction contracts.
Specialty Work
Interior and Exterior Renovation and Remodeling Historic Buildings Specialty Services and Products for Historical Buildings Employ only Skilled and Experienced Craftsman