Sculpt EVV 2013

Sculpt EVV is a national juried outdoor sculpture exhibition that displays sculptures from all over the continental United States on approximately 2 ½ city blocks in Evansville’s Arts District. Architectural Renovators was a sponsor for the event and helped install Elements by artist Scott Westphal at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and SE 2nd Street.    […]

The Audubon Apartment After

Within one year of purchasing the Audubon Apartments Architectural Renovators has been able to complete six two bedroom apartments.  Tenants have already moved in.  The next phase of the renovation is the front of the building which will house two three bedroom units, a two bedroom unit, and efficiency.  The lower level will have three […]

Alhambra Theatre Renovation

We at Architectural Renovators are excited to be awarded the Alhambra Theatre project and to be working with the Alhambra Theatre Board and the Department of Metropolitain Development that have made all of this possible.  We will be posting photos as the project progresses so check back often.      

Barn Razing 2

The exterior wood was beyond salvage, but the loft and interior wood we reclaimed.  There will be plenty of wood to use on the next project which is renovating the adjacent barn.       The renovation of the existing barn will take place at a later date.  When we begin that part of the project […]

Barn Razing

This project is not for the faint at heart.  The owners goal in razing the barn besides removing a building that is an eye soar, falling down, past restoration, and basically useless…not to mention a possible hazard, was to reclaim the useable wood and restore an adjacent barn to livable space.  This blog will show […]

The Audubon Apartments: Before

The Audubon Apartments built in 1914 had sat empty for over ten years when Michael Martin owner of Architectural Renovators LLC (AR) bought the structure and the property next to it at a sheriff’s sale for $40,200.00. The Audubon Apartments had been known as “The Honeymoon Apartments”.   When the Audubon was first built young married […]