Our Mission:
Consistently design and build innovative and quality structures with expert craftsmanship and materials; always making our clients and their desires our number one priority.

About the Owner: Michael S. Martin, Owner and Operator of Architectural Renovators LLC, Ornamental Iron Works LLC, and Michael S. Martin Reality LLC is a well respected business owner who has contributed to the tri-state communities by following his passion and love affair with history, architecture and a desire to add not take away from the community. Michael became interested in renovation at the early age of 12, working along side a well known Evansville resident (Bob Foltz 1946 – 2009) at his Aunt and Uncle’s home on Oakley Street.  He continued to dabble in different areas of construction while in collage and later working for other remodeling and constructions companies.  Michael’s natural talent is in finish carpentry. Architectural Renovators LLC was officially started in 1994 but Michael’s first big renovation was in his own home when he was only 20 years old.  Taking an auction block house to a beautifully restored, renovated, and updated home was a labor of love and incentive to keep the historic district of Evansville viable and livable. Michael continues to buy and restore Evansville’s historic and downtown districts homes and businesses.  His work on Main Street, included loft development, condo build out, and retail spaces, has made him a well respected leader in the community and the Tri-state area. Work is not limited to Evansville; Architectural Renovators LLC has completed projects in Kentucky and Illinois. Architectural Renovators LLC continues to expand and grow into diversification including new construction.  One thing you can be sure of, what ever Michael Martin’s companies participate in it will be first class.